Destination photography

I love to travel!
Traveling was always one of my biggest passions, that is how in 2010 I became a destination photographer.
Before I settled down as a photographer based in Venice I used to photograph all over the world.
Hoping from one plane to another, one train to another. Destination photography was my main job and i never stayed in one city longer than a week.
Time passed by and I fell in love with the city of Venice and chose it to be my home.

Now i prefer to travel without my heavy camera and laptop. But destination shoots are still something that i love to do from time to time!

So if you're looking for a photographer to capture your destination wedding, elopement, or vacation anywhere in Europe, I'm here to help.
Exploring new location gives a boost to my creativity and sooths my soul.

Let's go hiking together for a romantic photo shoot in dolomites mountains, wake up for a sunrise photo session next to a mountain lake, or drive through the country for this special spot you saw somewhere on Instagram. I'm in!

Destination Wedding in Tuscany on Villa with all your closest friends and family i'm in!
Contact me now and we will discuss the adventure you want to capture!