Engagement photo shoot in Venice

Jerome and Diego's love story began in Liège (Belgium).

During a lunch break, Diego was jogging near Jerome's office when they caught each other's eye - it was love at first sight!

Two years later, they found themselves in Venice and I was lucky to be invited to capture their special moment of their engagement.

We discussed all the plan with Diego and he has chosen a friendly tourist scenario.

As they strolled along the marine of San Marco, Diego asked his partner to take a selfie, and that's was a signal for me to approach them.

I offered to take a picture of them and Diego quickly agreed. I positioned them, making sure the lighting was perfect and every detail was just right, few pictures with their phone.. " Ok that's perfect" That's when Diego took things to the next level and went down on one knee to propose. The phone switched to video mode, my camera all along ready for some truly unforgettable shots.

And, of course, Jerome said yes!

Afterwards we continue photo shoot exploring romantic streets of Venice

photoshoot for Flytographer