What to do with kids in Venice?

Are you planning your trip to Venice with children? Here are some useful information to get ready before you live!

First of all stay at least 3 days to enjoy the city

Take a kangaroo/sling and if you can't go without a super light stroller (all this bridges)

Get an apartment/bnb/hotel in less touristy area like Castello, arsenal, Cannaregio or Dorsoduro

Here is a list of some fun activity for the whole family to do in Venice!

Water taxi/vaporetto

Prepare your kids to be exited for this trip!

Because Venice is not like other cities its an island which mean that already just arriving to your hotel will be a whole adventure.

If you flying to Venice from the airport you can take a private water taxi to your hotel or a shared vaporetto.

If you arriving to Venice by train you may use water taxi to get around in Venice and for Visiting some other islands like Murano or Burano.

Gondola ride

Tell your children that in the past everyone to move around had to use a boat managed by a gondolier, beautiful experience to see the city from another point of view navigating little canals. Feel free to ask your gondolier some questions about the city!

A standard gondola ride cost 80 euro (about 25 min ride before 7pm)

Mask crafting experience

Venice is famous for its carnival so Venice masks is also important part of Venice history, you can learn about the artesian way of mask making and take a class where you will paint your own mask

Treasure hunt

It's a fun way to explore the city not only for kids but for the whole family.

My clients recomend

Rowing lesson
For sportive families. How about to learn how to manage your own gondola?
Another option will be to take a kayak

Colorful Burano island
Take a water bus ride to Burano an island famous of its multicolor houses and lase museum. Best time to visit - evening when most of the tourist will return back to the Venice

Glass making factory

Learn about glass making process on Murano island. Its also a great idea for some souvenirs shopping

Visit Museums

I would recommend

Doge palace and Natural history museums as most interesting for kids

Staying for more than 5 days?

if you have even more days you can also visit

beaches on Lido

Gardaland (entertainment park) next to Garda lake

And of course don't forger to book your family photographer in Venice to capturing your family trip!