Surprise Proposal in Venice – Your Guide

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Welcome on the page dedicated to surprise proposal in Venice.

First of all, Congratulations!

If you are reading this – chances are you’ve reached an important milestone in your life – you’re planing proposing to the love of your life.

I’m so excited for you!

Now, the next step involves planning the perfect moment and enlisting the expertise of a photographer to immortalise it all, ensuring everything unfolds seamlessly.

Why do you need a photographer on your surprise proposal in Venice?

Hiring a professional photographer in Venice for your proposal with ensure you with a solid plan, reduce your stress and guarantee breathtaking high quality photographs of this significant event

three reasons

1. Even if your idea of proposal is very simple and involve just two of you – having some one to “cover you back” will help you feel ease and less stressed

2. Your local photographer in Venice like no others will know the best and most unique places for your proposal!

3. Proposal is a very exciting moment. You are definitely would want a professional to capture it with steady hands!

How to keep a proposal surprise

Surprise proposal in gondola with san marco square on the background

Certainly keeping your proposal a surprise is a most common way to prepare the engagement. However the secret part is so difficult!

Because They know you better than you do, and of course you used to share all the secrets with them!

Here are few points to keep in mind:

Get Help and Plan: Organise everything in advance and ensure everyone involved understands their role.

Hide the Ring: Find creative hiding spots, even outside the house, and consider a slimmer ring case for discretion. Hide checks!

Friends and Family: Share the secret selectively – know who you can trust and who will “spill the beans”, keep the circle small to avoid leaks.

Plan a Backup Story: Have a plausible explanation ready for any questions about why you’re in a specific place at a specific time.

Hire a surprise proposal photographer: Consider framing the proposal as part of a vacation photoshoot, potentially suggested by your partner.

Read more about how to Pull of a surprise proposal in Venice in my blog

Best Places for Your Surprise Proposal in Venice

You like no-one know your partner and can tell if they prefer the proposal to happen in quiet and intimate spot with no one around or chose something iconic with audience to applause!

Here are most popular places to propose:

  1. Gondola proposal – It is a classic and everyones favourite option, represents Venice as nothing else. And you can propose or on little intimate canal or on Grand Canal with big open space.
  2. San Marco – most iconic views on gondola docs or St. Marks Basilica
  3. San Giorgio Maggiore – its a little island facing San Marco. It offers less busy location and open space. Great for sunset proposals!
  4. Little bridge proposal – I know few beautiful bridges in less touristy area. They offers beautiful views and a little bit of privacy.

But the list goes on! Check 10 best places to propose in Venice with examples and descriptions in my blog.

3 Ways to capture your Venice proposal

I identify 3 main ways of capturing your surprise proposal.

They all have different levels of control on situation from photographer side and level of preparation from both sides.

Depending on weather you want your proposal to be a compete surprise or you prefer build up expectation and let your partner to be ready to be photographed.

1.Proposal during vacation photo shoot

This option will give your photographer the most of control on the situation without brining suspect.

And to your partner it will give opportunity to get dressed and freshen up for photos! Some would really prefer to know in advance and be wearing their best dress on the photos.

If photo shoot is something that you never done before it can be suspicious of course and they might start to wonder if “this is it?”

But they would never guess the exact moment and it will be a surprise!

If they were already asking or suggesting a photoshoot during your vacation – its a perfect occasion to surprise them twice.

2.A friendly tourist

Good balance of control and surprise.

Tell them you are going for a breakfast/aperetivo/dinner in a fancy place that requires a dress code.

And on your way to the place (it can be little bridge or a quiet alley ) tell them that you want to take a selfie.

Luckily there will be another tourist who will be so kind to ask if you need a help with photo.

-you quickly agree!

They will position you perfectly, and on your cue – you propose!

3.Fly on the go paparazzi style

This style require the hight professionalism and experience from your photographer!

To be ready to capture the moment while monitoring surrounding and being ready to anything that can happen.

And to ensure everything go smoothly it will also requires you to follow the step by step instruction that you will receive.

We can agree on a certain place in advance or i can follow you on your walk and capture proposal moment when you feeling it!

Venice proposal packages

F.A.Q About proposals

Do i need to have a plan before contacting you?

– Not at all! I’m here to help you chose the time and the place. You can read my articles to get idea and inspiration!

What time and locations do you recommend?

– My absolute favourite time is early morning, but I can understand it can be not easy to wake up early. So my second best – evening just before the sunset.
I prefer less busy location but lets figure out together which one will be the best for your surprise proposal in Venice!

So can it be a morning proposal?

– Sure! It can actually make it more unexpected. As they might expect an evening proposal. There are many ways to convince your partner to go out early in the mornings.
Most simple reason – to enjoy empty Venice just for you two!
Another option – tell them that you are going to a breakfast/brunch in a fancy hotel (of course if you not already staying in one!)

How much in advance should I book?

– Whenever you sure about your trip to Venice and even a day before (If I have availability in my calendar).
Proposals that require specific indoor locations booking or decorations should be booked at least one month in advance.

Do the price include tax?

– Yes, the price is final and no surprise fees added!

What if the wether forecast promises rain?

– Weather in Venice is very unpredictable and changes fast. During our planing we will discuss plan B and C with alternative locations. If my schedule permits we can always move the session to later or earlier.
Also I have in my possession fantastic transparent umbrella for dreamy photos under the rain.

Watch proposal video reels

What is video reel?

Its a short video of your proposal story mixed with photographs with your favourite song on the back ground.

It is edited in social media or smart phone format 9:16

I love creating this little video as an additional way of capturing the moment.

It’s included in gondola surprise proposal package.

If i have time and your permission to use it in my socials I add it as a gift to other proposal packages.

Otherwise you can add it to any other package for 40 euro!

Please let me know in advance so I can bring a video stabilising gimbal.

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