My first time visiting Burano was twelve years ago with my friend Lorenzo.

I was lucky to get there for the first time in the evening when all the tourists rushed back to Venice.

A 50-minute ride on waterbus №12 from here brought us to this picturesque island, which looked like a lego creation.

I fell in love with it immediately and believe that you should include it in your itinerary too. Here are some compelling reasons why:

1. Colourful Houses…Of Course!

The toy-like houses of Burano are all painted in different colours, making them a popular Instagram destination nowadays

Lorenzo told me 3 popular legends about Burano colorus.

#1 In the past many families had the same surnames so the house colours were associated with particular families and their nicknames.

#2 Burano is a fishermen island and the lagoon of Venice if famous for its weather and the fog.

The legend says that the houses were painted in green, blue, yellow, red … for the fishermen to be able to find their home coming back during the fog.

Others say the fog was in their minds because of alcohol.

#3 According to this legend, fishermen’s wives were left with a lot of work at home as well as repainting the walls. Or they couldn’t find the same colours or were choosing it this way to stand out.

Regardless of their origins, the colourful houses attract tourists from all over, and their proud owners continue to decorate them.

2. Local Laid-Back Vibe

My first reason for visiting Burano is the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Colourful houses reflecting in the water of charming canals, lazy cats sunbathing in the middle of the street, and people chatting outside their homes in the fresh air – this is Burano. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the busy tourist spots in Venice, take an evening boat and head to Burano.

3. Lace and Lace museum

Burano first gained importance in 16 century thanks to the lace artesian. Venetian lace was sought-after and requested across Europe.

Today, you can visit a unique lace museum, shop lace products in artesian lace shops and see local women sitting outside their colourful houses, working on some lace pieces by hand.

4. The Leaning Tower of Burano

The island has its own leaning tower, its a bell tower of the Church of San Martino. Just like the famous tower of Pisa it appears to be on the verge of toppling over.

5. Burano restaurants

Burano should be famous for its excellent restaurants, so I recommend planning your visit around lunch or dinner. Make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Here are my top picks:

Riva Rosa

Gatto Nero


Trattoria alla Maddalena

Bonus One – Cookies

Bussolà and Essi

In the past these Burano’s cookies were prepared by the wives of the fishermen, when they were moving away from home to go fishing, for long periods of time.

In the event that the sailors couldn’t have a good nutrition, the bussolà arranged to give them all the energies sufficient to deal with the sea life.

Bonus Two – Super cool setting for your photoshoot in Venice!

No wonder Burano is a popular destination for a photography.

You also can book a photo shoot here, choose your matching outfit and let’s find a house of your favorite color!

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