About Venice photographer

your photographer in Venice - Olga Mufel

Hi, my name is Olga and I’m your photographer in Venice!

It has been over a decade of me capturing love in the most romantic city!

I’m in love with my city and it’s my mission is to help you fall in love with Venice too!

Vacation photo shoots in Venice for me are not just about photography. Its an unique experience to getting know Venice from the prospective of photographers eyes.

I prefer to do photo sessions in an easy and casual way, no stiff posing or fake emotions.

For longer photoshoot we can take a coffee break in the morning and for the evening sessions you can learn about italian culture of apretivo.

I’ll guide you through little windy alleys across the bridges while capturing your special moments in photographs to enjoy for a lifetime

How I became a Venice photographer?

I have started my career as a journalist photographer in 2008 while I was still on my 3d year at university.

It was an amazing experience! I have learnt so much and met many wonderful and special people.

Soon after I found my passion in family and wedding photography.

Then, because of my love to travel in 2011 I’ve become a destination photographer.

For a couple of yeas I have worked and travelled all around Europe and south Asia.

In 2013-14 I finally settled down in Venice as my main residence.

What I love about being a photographer in Venice?

I consider myself a very lucky person!

Of course! I can live in the most beautiful city in the world and witnessing love and joy every day.

Absolute favourite photo sessions for me are proposal and family photo shoots with kids, as they are the most challenging!

Photography style

My photography style is a balanced mix of candid and posed photography.

As you can clearly see from my portfolio my editing is about natural colours and non invasive retouching.

But of course you can ask to add some black and white (or any other filter) photograph copies!

Before our photo shoot I’l take a time to ask your shoot goals, and preferences.

Let’s get personal! Random facts about me

Venice photographer - Olga
  • I’m originally from Ukraine, I was born in Kharkiv❤️
  • got my first degree in economics
  • I speak: ukrainian, russian, english, italian and spanish
  • I love motorcycles and all kind of travels
  • I’m married and have 2 cats
  • I’m a volunteer paramedic on ambulance
  • I paint and play music (poorly)
  • In my work The Most Important thing for me is to enjoy
  • I’m in love with my city and can’t wait to show it to you!

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