Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a photographer in Venice?

Step one : choose your photographer!

Well I hope since you are on this page this step is done!

Step two : read about routes in Venice.

You have seen so many amazing photographs from Venice, but where are they taken?

When is the best time for one or another location?

This article will help you to decide on your preferred locations

Step 3 : Booking Request Form

For faster answer you can contact me in messengers.

olgamufel.com/photo-shoot-routes/(opens in a new tab)

Otherwise please follow the LINK  to send you booking request.

Include: your full name, phone number and email

Insert the details on your booking such as : preferred date and time (+alternative date and time), type of the shoot, time preference, photoshoot package.

If you are ready to book please add also your billing address for the booking deposit invoice

Step 4: Wait for my reply

I will contact you as soon as possible to confirm my availability.

Step 5: Booking deposit

After to secure date for your photo shoot in Venice I will ask you to pay booking deposit.

You can pay in full or 50% (another 50% to be payed on the day of the photoshoot.)

Booking deposit can be paid by PayPal or via bank transfer (for Europe)

When is the best time for photo sessions in Venice?

On the narrow city streets a professional photographer in Venice will manage to take good pictures even at noon.

Light reflex everywhere from building on narrow streets from water and dancing magically under the bridges.

However, for the best possible images, a highly recommend first 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset.

Soft light is the best for open spaces like the San Marco area.

Early morning is also my favourite time because it is less crowded on busy touristy locations.

How to get ready for the photo session

Plan your outfit in advance.

Couples should try to coordinate their outfits to look good together in the photos.

Make sure that your dress is not only beautiful but also comfortable.

If you chose high heels for the shoot, please bear in mind we are going to walk a lot! Bring spare shoes if needed!

I would not recommend very short skirts/dresses for photographs on a gondola.

Get a good night’s sleep before early morning photo sessions, and take an afternoon break before an evening session. Everyone looks their best when they’re well rested.

How many photographs will we get?

This varies by package and the productivity of the day’s shooting. I guarantee 20 edited photographs per 30 minutes of photo shoot

When will I see the photos?

I will send you an email with links to your full size and small size gallery within 5 working days!

How many people can book a shoot together?

Getting great photos with a group means having ample time on your shoot to do so. In order to do that, we have required package lengths based on number of participants.

30 mins: max 6

60 mins: max 15

90 mins: max 30

What size are the photos?

You will receive your photographs in a personal gallery with possibility to download full size photos or web size.

To print your photos, please use high-resolution images.
 If you have a specific size requirement for a special project, please let me know when you book!

Will you share my photos online?

I fully respect your choice on whether to share. 

Please let me know in advance if you prefer to keep your photographs private!

We want to have some photographs on a gondola

Gondola tour cost cost 90 euros until 7 PM, and 110 euros after 7 PM for a 20-30 minute ride.

You pay directly to the gondolier in cash.

What if we are bad at posing?

Don’t worry! None of my couples are models, and for many of them it will be their first professional photo session.

I prefer to do work in an easy and casual way. No stiff posing or fake emotions, relax!

You’re in one of the most romantic cities in the world, so enjoy it and let your professional photographer do her job!

I’ll guide you through and save special moments in photographs to enjoy for a lifetime.

As a photographer in Venice, what you recommend in case of rain?

Weather in Venice is unpredictable. Don’t trust weather forecasts one week ahead.

If it’s 100% probability of rain the next day, we can always change time or even the date of the photoshoot.

If rain starts during the photo session we will take a break and wait.

I know 3-4 locations with beautiful Palazzo in Venice where we can photograph indoors, and for sure we can make some cool photographs with umbrellas!

What if I have to cancel booking?

Very sorry to hear that!

Option A – you payed deposit in 100% amount

  • if you cancel 1 month prior the photoshoot you will get a full refund (minus transaction fee if applied)
  • at least 2 week before 50% refund.
  • any time after is not refundable

Option B – you payed  your deposit in 50% amount

  • if you cancel 2 week prior the photoshoot you will get a full refund (minus transaction fee if applied)
  • any time after booking deposit is not refundable

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