Venice with Children

Venice with children: this page is dedicated to practical tips and useful information.

All you may need wen traveling to city on water with kids, toddler or a baby.

Venice is beautiful and it become magical thru children eyes: instead of road you have water canal and instead of cars boats!

Although Venice beauty enchant it also put a bunch of challenges and questions to her visitors:

  • should we visit Venice with a baby?
  • are Venice canals dangerous to my toddler?
  • where is the best place to stay in Venice with children?

This is why you should prepare your visit ahead and I’m very happy to help you!

Why should you visit Venice with children

kids in Venice

1.Venice as many italian cities is kids friendly. Everyone loves children in Italy!

2.Everything about this city will be amusing and different: from public transportation to daily walks across the bridges.

3.There are so many cool activities to do with children of all age:

  • take a gondola ride
  • make a mask
  • learn about glass craft on glass-making island Murano
  • do a kids friendly tour – scavenger hunt
  • visit the most colourful island in the world – Burano!

Read more in my article Top 10 thing to do in Venice with children

When is the best time to visit?

Visiting Venice in the spring (March to May) – might be the best time to visit as it already start to get warm but not to hot!

You can expect some rains!

Of course global climate changes not dictate knew normality. So definitely keep monitoring weather and pack accordingly

The fall (September – November) – same as for the spring expect mild temperature with occasional rains closer to November.

Its a great time to avoid summer crowds!

Time to avoid:

June to August is the hottest time in all senses! June is the most popular month for honeymoons. July-August is time when all Europe goes on vacation.

You might also want to avoid some Italian holiday when we expect many local tourists:

25 April , 1 May, 15 August. Weekend also get busy and prices for the hotels may be higher.

Where is the best place to stay in Venice with kids?

Venice maps with its districted coloured in different colours

Venice is divided in 6 districts and they are called sestieri

I recommend 3 as most quiet and family friendly :

Cannaregio: Real residential area, close to the station it has all you may need (supermarkets and restaurant, children playgrounds).

Dorsoduro: I call it art district because here you can find so many art galleries, Peggy Guggenheim collection, fine arts academy.

Castello: is a little bit remote but perfect for long stay. Giardini bienale and park st. Elena located there

Venice with a baby

Venice is a city for every age even for babies, here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind when planing:

Opt for a light-weight foldable stroller – carrying heavy stroller crossing the bridges in tiring!

Bring a baby carrier/sling: it will permits you to explore museums and easy cross little bridges in busy ares.

You can find all the babies essential in local supermarkets or pharmacies – so no worry about that!

Strollers and wheelchair access in Venice

Venice is one of the less friendly cities for strollers and wheelchair.

There are over 400 bridges and only some have special ramps.

But may it not discourage you from your visit!

If you travelling with a wheelchair user or brining a big heavy stroller remember:

  • most of the hotels and building don’t have an elevator so check for the hotel that have one. If you opting for private apartment check for the ground floor (usually there will be very few located on the ground floor because of the floods in Venice.)
  • main museums of San Marco square have wheelchair accessible entrances and elevators!
  • starting at San Marco you can take a long tour all the way to Giardini Bienale and all the bridges will have ramps. I love this iteanrry that can finish in public garden or children’s playground!
  • use local transport – vaporetto to get from one side of grand canal to another
  • on the other side of the grand canal starting at Salute following to Zattere and all the way to San Basilio is another stroller and wheelchair friendly long route.

Find kids playground in Venice

There are many children playgrounds in the city and it can be a good break from all the art and history for your toddler!

  • Parco Savorgan – located in cannaregio district not far from the train station
  • Giardini Bienale – located in Castello
  • S.Elena park – my favourite! Also located in Castello few steps and one stroller-not-friendly bridge away from Giardini Bienale

Safety with children in Venice

Venice canals:

I think the main worry of all parents visiting venice are canals!

Canals are not fences in most streets so you will want to watch your toddler not to wonder of when you re close by the open canals.

But despite how dangerous it looks I never heard of any child falling or jumping into canal!

Unlike many stories of adults jumping into canal for hot summer day swim or jumping there after the object they dropped.

No cars:

Great thing about Venice – it has no cars! So you can feel safe about that


Summer time it can get very hot as sun is active and Venice climate is very humid.

Use hats, use sunscreen already starting from may! and stay hydrated!

Family photo shoot in Venice – things to know

Now, when you are ready for your trip – lets capture it in beautiful photographs for you to treasure!

Here are my tips to get ready for the photo shoot.

  • coordinate your outfits to matching colours/styles and don’t forget about matching shoes!
  • if your shoes are not comfy – bring a change
  • don’t stay cold – bring a jacket to wear after shoot!
  • Eat before the shoot even some cookies or crackers will give anergy to your children
  • motivation is a key – get them exited about the shoot and col places you going to visit before we meet
  • you can also promise them a treat to get after or during the photoshoot. We can have photos with gelato!
  • poses – you should not worried about poses as I will give you all direction you may need. But if you want to get inspired you can read this article!
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