Routes for photo shoot in Venice

choosing photography route in Venice

Where to take photos in Venice?

When booking a photo shoot in Venice one of the things to decide is the Route.

You saw so many beautiful photos from Venice but where exactly they are taken?

Navigation in a new city can be difficult and its even more complicated in a maze called Venice. I’m here to answer your question!

And to help you find out locations of the most instagramable places in Venice and most suitable route for your photoshoot.

Because I believe that planing a photo shoot on your vacation should be easy and fun.

San Marco photoshoot route – most iconic

St. Marks square is the most popular and well-known location in Venice.

Most of the tours starts there. This is why it get pretty crowded already at 8 am in the morning!

So if you want to have your photos taken there be ready to wake up early and have an unforgettable experience of more private, quiet, empty Venice.

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Backstreets of San Marco

I will never stop saying that all of Venice is beautiful.

And you don’t need to stay on most touristic routes to take amazing photographs on little bridges, streets and along the canals.

So if you staying in center but not ready to wake up early, or maybe you are on a one day visit – lets explore back streets!

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Rialto to Santa Croce photo shoot route

Rialto Bridge is one of the symbol of Venice. Its a first bridge that was build on grand Canal.

This route we can taken early in the morning or in the afternoon.

In the morning we will start our photoshoot at the top of Rialto with stunning views of grand canal. Before 8:30 am when the gondolas are still sleeping under blue covers, we will take some photos at the docks of Riva del Vin.

In the afternoon route will include one of the iconic views of Rialto Bridge on the backdrop.

After i will bring you to small cosy street of sestiere San Polo and Santa Croce.

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Dorsoduro photo-shoot route

Artistic district on the other side of the grand canal across the San Marco.

This route can be taken from Punta della Dogana that offers this amazing view on San Marco

from Academia bridge or we can stay in the most quiet little streets starting at Campo Barnaba

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Cannaregio route

Its the biggest sestiere of Venice. Located in north part of Venice.

Hosting big residential area it offers charming live streets.

My favorite spots to shoot there:

  • fondamenta misericordia
  • fondamenta san Felice
  • ponte Chiodo – the only bridge in venice without rails
  • campo Gesuiti and caffe Combo

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