Poses and prompts for a family photo shoot in Venice

I LOVE working with kids it’s always gives me energy and opportunity to be myself.

Walking holding hands

Big family hug!

There is never enough of these photographs as they bring true smiles to the faces, so hug it out!

Seating on the steps of the bridge

We can try one where everyone is sitting on the same step close to each other

Or one where everyone is on different steps, someone higher, someone lower

Everybody is looking away one and then turn!

For this pose it is nice to choose a stare-worthy backdrop like this stunning view of San Marco Square from Punta della Dogana.

Or view San Giorgio Maggiore Island from San Marco marine.

Doubling poses: ‘Pose like me’

Its cute for father son photographs

or a fun way to engage a child in a photo session to let the kids decide a pose and the whole family is supposed to repeat it

Riding dad neck photographs

If your kids are still small enough

Ice cream photographs

What kind of Italian vacation it would be if there were no Italian gelato!

Want to make your kids enthusiastic about the photo shoot?

Promise them some ice cream photographs

Give mama a kiss!

Of all family photo shoot prompts this one is every mama’s favourite!

Let kids be kids

Most fun and memorable photos are candid when we just let children to be themself!

More tips for your Venice vacation with children

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