How to Pull Off a Surprise Proposal in Venice?

This article will help you to plan your surprise proposal in Venice and keep it a secret!

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Asking your partner ‘will you marry me?’ will be one of the happiest and most precious moments of your relationship.
Keeping the proposal a surprise for your partner is the most popular way to pop the question. Secret or not, the decision is ultimately up to you!
But if true genius, excitement, and shock are what you want to see on your partner’s face once you pull out the ring, you are on the right page!

So, how can you do it? You are used to telling and sharing everything with the love of your life, so it might be very difficult to keep this secret. Also, since you know each other so well, how can you hide anything without making them suspicious?

For more than a decade, I have been helping couples to prepare and capture their engagements in Venice.
Below, I am listing some tips that might help you to pull off your dream proposal!

Get help and make a plan

The success of your proposal and your serenity beforehand depends on how well you plan it!
It’s better to organise everything in advance.
If other people are involved in the plan, make sure that everyone understands their role.
Get help from professionals; a photographer can also become your proposal organiser, and we do this so often!

Here are my top 10 places for surprise proposal
Rehearse! Will you go on one knee? What will you say? If there is a box, rehearse opening it. Anything that may help you to feel more confident.

Friends and Family

It’s common to ask for a parent’s blessing. It can be fun and nice to share this secret with them.
But make it clear how important it is that they act normally around your partner.
Keep your circle small, It’s difficult but don’t call all your friends and spread the news around town!

Read story of Nicholas and Paula!

Hide the ring

After you got the Ring the next step will be to find a good place to hide it.
Don’t just leave in the drawer or some high shelf mixed with cloth. Think of less obvious places your partner never goes near, you may want to keep it even outside of your house. Hide the box and receipt as well!
Once you are ready to fly to Venice you can put the box in the shoes, socks or in another piece of cloth. While traveling, keep it in a carry-on bag.
To be even more discreet you may consider getting a slimmer ring case.
Check BOX RING for cool socks with a ring pocket

Don’t insist too much about dressing up or getting her nails done

If you’re both not used to dressing up fancy for a walk don’t wear a suit
A good motive for dressing up will be a photoshoot (if you decide to go for a proposal during the shoot)
You can tell your partner that you are going to a fancy restaurant for brunch, lunch, dinner, or an aperitif, and the restaurant requires formal dress.

Ask yourself will she care if here nails are done? If yes, you can ask her friend to invite her to do their nails together, don’t make the idea come from you!
If you’ve never before suggested she get her nails done, now is not the time to ask.

Plan a Backup Story

You planned place and  time, now you just need to be there.
Have a back story for when your partner asks: Why do you want to take an early morning stroll at San Marco square? or  why you want to get to this specific location at this specific time?
Make up a story! “There is this awesome restaurant I made a booking”, ” there is this beautiful view I saw on Instagram and want to visit”,  “I’ve booked guided tour”
Discuss with your local expert to choose the best backup story.

Disguising it as a photo session?

It’s possible that your partner heard of this tactic and if a photoshoot is totally something unusual from you it might look suspicious.
On the other hand you are in Venice, which is already an unusual setting and its quiet natural you are willing to capture your romantic vacation.
It would be even better if it will be your partner who suggested hiring a photographer.
You can ask your friends occasionally to ask if you are going to book one of these very popular vacation shoots, so you can make it to be not your idea!

In my experience, it works well and gives us extra flexibility and the best reason for getting dressed up.
After the proposal was captured I always asked if they were suspicious and expecting the proposal. And if some were expecting it to happen soon or even during their trip to Italy no one would be able to predict the exact moment and how it would happen!

Whether you are nervous about keeping it a secret or you are super confident about your plan to surprise them, your proposal will be awesome!

The magic will happen.

All that matters is to enjoy it, and I will capture it for you!

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