Common fears when proposing in Venice!

In this article you can read about Top 5 common proposal fears and my answers to make you at ease!

Planing a proposal can be very stressful!

But its usually never a worry “What is they say no?”

It’s a hundred other little worries that can create you sleepless night’s

1.What if the day is not entirely perfect?

Many people put immense pressure on themselves, imagining this day has to be perfect from beginning to end!

But what you need to focus on is that after you pop the question, nothing else will matter.

Nor weather nor a little quarrel you may had in the morning.

2. What if I drop/loose the ring?

Thats another very common proposal fear it something happens to ring! and in Venice – if I drop it in the water?

I have never witnessed this happening!

But if it’s something that really worries you here are few solutions:

  • you can opt for insurance
  • you can get a duplicate ring of the actual ring so no worries to loose it before during or after!
  • I have a phone number of a professional diver who will dive and find it for you! (already tested on lost in the canal phone)

3. What if I forget what to say?

Most couples won’t remember much of the moment because of the adrenaline the only thing they will probably listen to is the magic “will you marry me?”

Prepare a speech and save on your phone, or write a few flashcards.

Or don’t prepare anything and speak from the heart!

4. What if I spoil the surprise?

This is a proposal fear of every second man because they think it should be a Super surprise!

but the truth is…

Your partner probably already suspects that you are about to propose, and that’s a good thing!

You definitely have discussed you future together, you might have even purchased the ring together.

So the following proposal is only a natural exiting next step!

But they would never guess the exact way and moment it will happen, so it will still be magical for both of you.

Read more tips in the article “How to pull off a Surprise Proposal in Venice”

5. What if they are not WOWed/ impressed?

You are about to propose in Venice, which is already a high point.

But spend some time thinking what can make this proposal special for your love?

Any special day? song? flowers? place?

I assure you – Its not about how much you spend on decorations its about you two!

Need more tips on planing your proposal?

Check my Surprise Proposal Guide to plan your perfect Surprise Proposal in Venice

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